Home is Anywhere

Sustainability is a huge issue theses days. Therefore we upcycle used shipping containers and use ecological materials exclusively.

You should love your new home. Therefore every fortyHC home is designed and handcrafted with love. Any wishes? We`ll make it possible.

Life changes the whole time. So can your tiny home. You want to move to a different place? Just take your home with you.

Tiny homes by FortyHC can be used in various ways. Whether you need a stylish holiday home or want to live permanently in a futuristic house. We offer tiny homes for every purposes.

Besides that containers by FortyHC can be a less expansive alternative home. Living these days means putting the majority of your income in rent, or make an extremely high commitment when buying your own house. We solve this issue by offering tiny homes from 1400€/m², which are sustainably produced and designed with love.

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